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First Times

I write this sitting in Zeus waiting for my corned beef hash to arrive.

On my way here from the corporate housing that Dell was good enough to provide me as part of my relocation package, it I experienced a feeling I’d not had for some time now. The phrase I associate with it is “first time.”

For me a first time is a very reflective sensation. The first first time I recall occurred this time of year when I had just arrived at Rose-Hulman for my freshman year. It occurs in a quite moment. This explains why it’s taken nearly a week of being here in Portland OR before feeling it.

After nearly twenty years in Austin TX, a certain sameness had overtaken me. Walking these streets in a new city opens my mind to possibilities. Austin had become a place of incremental and marginal changes for me.

I do my best when I have to stretch my abilities and be an agent of change. In this place, I see many possibilities.

Like the man said, “It feels like the first time. It feels like the very first time.”

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My fiction to non-fiction ratio is in general fairly low.

That being said, I do like the occasional Dan Brown novel.

Inferno is one of those books that begs to be made into a movie. It doesn’t so much have chapters as it does scenes. It’s not Dickens, but Dickens isn’t what I would consider as my go-to author when I’m traveling.

As one might expect, there are plentiful historic references, plot twists and general dashings about.

Robert Landgon has become the Henry Jones, Jr. of modern fiction.

In general I find it to be a guilty pleasure.

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