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Just finished the G5 Leadership session by Connie Dieken entitled The Pitch, by the author of Talk Less, Say More.

It’s about how to present with power and persuasion to get people to buy-in to your ideas.

Important take-away, presentations should influence, not inform. I’ve got to agree, so many people just get up and read the slides.

Nobody wants to sit through that. Nobody wants to endure someone who likes to hear themselves talk.

She’s the first person who I’ve ever heard talk about the need for a presentation to have a single statement summary.

Good material on intent vs. impact.

PowerPoint presentations should be the backup to your lead vocals.

Nicely done.

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I just watched the G5 Leadership session by Steve Smith, Pure Confidence.

It’s about leadership, ego and balance. The book referenced by the session was Egonomics.


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Watched the G5 Leadership session by Jeremy Daniel The Color Code.

An interesting way to look at individual dynamics based on core motivations and needs.

As an amusing note, my color code breaks down as follows:

red 45.59%
blue 42.25%
yellow 7.53%
white 4.63%

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Just finished watching Dave Logan’s G5 Leadership session on Tribal Leadership.

If you haven’t been following his work, you probably should be.

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I’ve started looking at G5 Leadership. Good stuff.

It’s well worth the $100 ($99 in marketing-weenie-speak) per year.

Steve Farber’s session Greater Than Yourself was impressive.

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I’ve finished reading The Shadow Factory (James Bamford) [Hardcover] – a history of the US intelligence community’s (especially the NSA) actions post 9/11.


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